MR Complaints Policy Nov 2019

MR Admissions Policy (See Admissions Section of Website)

SEND Policy 2017-2018

Safer-Recruitment-Policyfinal 2017

Accessibility Policy July 2017

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MR Home School Agreement April 2017

MR Early Years FS Policy July 2019

MR EYFS Outdoor Policy July 2017



MR GDPR Data Protection Policy July 2018

MR Data Security Policy July 2018

MR Privacy Notice (Parent) July 2018

MR Privacy Notice (Governor) July 2018

Margaret Roper – AntiBullying Policy and Racial Harassment 2019

Margaret Roper – Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy 2019 Comm 12.11.19 FGB 4.12.19

MR E-Safety and Rules of Responsible Internet Use 2019

Healthy food policy March 2018

Margaret Roper – Religious Education Handbook Feb 2017

Discipline and Behaviour Policy 2018

SRE Policy 2019

MR Uniform List Revision Nov 2017

MR Early Help and Child Protection Policy 2017-18

MR Freedom of Information publication scheme 2019

MR Equality Policy April 2017

MR Medicine Policy Oct 2018

MR Intimate Care Policy Jan 2019

Collective worship Policy


MR Health and Safety Policy

MR Charging Policy Charging Policy Review July 2019 (Finance)

MR Anti Bribery Policy Review June 2019 (Finance)

MR Governor Allowances Policy Reviewed July 2019 (Finance)

MRoper Lettings Agreement – £100 Spring 2020 Diocese

MR Best Value Statement – July 2018 (Finance)

MR Policy Finance and Procedures June 2019